What can Googles Search Trends tell us about E-cigs?


With all the constant chatter in the news about E-cigarettes it feels like everyone is picking up the habit (Vape was even named Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year). That got us thinking… what can Google’s search trends tell us about vaping?

A quick search gave us the nifty graph below:


The trend is undeniable… it seems like e-cigarettes have enjoyed nearly exponential growth over the last couple years. That isn’t all that shocking though, what IS interesting are the local peaks that pop up every January…

Coincidence? We think not. That’s when most smokers try to kick the habit for their new years resolutions. So the trend is really telling us that a lot of smokers are in fact looking to vaping as a way to quit smoking! 

We’re a fan of whatever can help a smoker quit – as long as its safe and it works for them. 

Only time can tell if this year we’ll see a continuation of the trend come January… we’ll report back to you guys in a couple months with the results!

Team Quitbit 

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