Stop Smoking Shot – 2016 Update

There was once great promise for a Quit Smoking Vaccine hitting the market. The nicotine vaccine, called NicVAX was being developed by Nabi Biopharmaceuticals. The hope was to “cure” a person

Stop Smoking Shot Quitbit
Stop Smoking Shot

from nicotine addiction. Not much has been heard about the Stop Smoking Shot over the last few years, so we’re going to provide an update on what’s been going on in the world of Nicotine Vaccines.

What is it the Stop Smoking Shot?

NicVax was a vaccine that was injected at different intervals, usually 4-20 weeks, into the arms of smokers who were trying to quit. NicVAX was designed to help the human body produce antibodies that bind to the nicotine in the bloodstream and prevent/slow it’s entry to the brain. The idea was to prevent the pleasurable feeling of nicotine and stop the positive feedback loop associated with smoking cigarettes. In theory it was supposed to make smoking no longer feel good and make quitting much easier.

What happened to it?

 In 2005 Nabi Pharmaceutical ran some promising Phase II clinical trials showing that 26% of smokers who responded highly to the vaccine were able to quit and stay quit for at least 30 days [1].

Piggybacking on the good results Nabi ran two Phase III trials back to back in 2009 and 2010. Unfortunately, by 2011 Nabi announced that both of the phase III clinical trials had failed to be any better than placebo [2]. The results crushed the stock price of Nabi and effectively killed the NicVAX project. Needless to say Nabi Pharmaceutical no longer exists.

What does the future hold for Nicotine Vaccines?

Although Nabi has given up the project, a new company Selecta Biosciences has picked up the project. Selecta is using a slightly different technique by using Synthetic Vaccine Particles. At the moment, Selecta has not started clinical trials yet. They plan to begin animal testing early in 2016.

The bottom line is that although once promising, we’re at least 5+ years away from a stop smoking shot hitting the market. And that’s assuming everything goes well! Our thought is don’t hold your breath, get a head start on quitting. Try Quitbit, NRTs, or even going cold turkey!


  1. Nabi Biopharmaceuticals Announces Positive Results of Phase IIb Trial of NicVAX
  2. Nabi Biopharmaceuticals Announces Results of First NicVAX(R) Phase III Clinical Trial

21 thoughts on “Stop Smoking Shot – 2016 Update

  1. You are right. In market there are any medicines available to quit the smoking. That will help to quit the nicotine. Now a day, many type of nicotine are use in the smoking and tobacco. Our company also provide the medicine to quit the smoking.

  2. Please help need jeep “eeb smoking 40 yrs tried Chantix didn’t work for me. A diagnosis of mechanical heart valve last yr. Please accept me for your injections studies. Or my family is going to lose their father and husband . I’m 55 yrs old otherwise healthy

  3. I have smoked for over 40yrs, I have early signs of COPD and I would like to quit but don’t know how tried many different things can you help.

      1. I k ow of several people who has the shots and they worked for them!! They have been smoke free for several years now… It always seems like things that really work are jerked from the market …maybe the tobacco companies payed them off!!!!

  4. I was a daily smoker for 47 years and tried to quit at least the last 15 years several times. I was very sick from asthma and copd, was heavily medicated and had little hope for my future!
    I tried every method recommended including Champix that nearly killed me!

    13th of September I found VAPING and quit smoking the same day, no trouble at all!
    Now my asthma is nearly gone, I almost don’t use inhalers anymore and don’t need cortizon anymore.

    Vaping saved my life

  5. i want to quit smoking. i want buy vaccine nixvac of nabi company. i donot know buy any where. i want to buy right now. i live in bien hoa city, vietnam country. however expensive i need to buy. i very rich… the hearth is bester.

    1. Hi! This product will likely not exist for many years if at all. Try quitting smoking using other methods like, cutting down before, Nicotine Gum or Quitbit!

  6. I have tried the gum and don’t like chewing gum. I also have tried the patches forget about that. I need help I refuse to go cold turkey. There’s got to be something that will help me stop that’s better then all these things I will even try the shot . Thanks

  7. Hi, been a smoker for years, i want to stop.., would like to see if they have any locations in the new york for the shot.

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