Shenzhen’s Famous Electronic Markets & Makers

Right in the center of the city and across the street from our offices at Haxlr8r you can find the Mecca of electronics in the world.  Sprawled along Huaqiang North Road in Shenzhen are dozens of markets where you find any electronics you could possibly want. 

Just a small taste of the vendors 

We really do mean anything…  We’ve sourced things like tiny tactile buttons for our prototypes to toy helicopters from the markets. 

OCD much?

Most recently we were in the SEG electronic markets looking for a battery that fit pretty exact dimensions for our latest prototype.  We grabbed our calipers, took a stroll a few blocks from our office, and found a vendor that had so many battery sizes we couldn’t help but spending 30 minutes sorting through them!

The markets are invaluable because of their rapid turn.  If you need a specific part, instead of having to order it on Digikey and wait days, you can spend 1 hour in the markets and find it.  They make prototyping easy and are also like a component treasure hunt!  For anyone that is going to be exploring the markets in Shenzhen, Haxlr8r has put together a great guide for getting around that you should definitely check out ( 

Until next time,

Ata from Quitbit 

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