Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey

Quitting smoking cold turkey means to stop all at once without the help of medications like nicotine gum, patches or e-cigarettes. Cold turkey also means that you don’t reduce your smoking beforehand. For a pack a day smoker, that’s like going from 20
cigarettes to 0 in one day. Quitting cold turkey may be the oldest method of quitting around, but does it really work?

Does Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey Work?

Quitting smoking cold turkey
Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey – It’s Doable!

Although it is not recommended by many government health agencies, many smokers have been able to kick their smoking habit by quitting cold turkey. Nicotine withdrawal is very powerful and takes an enormous amount of will power to counteract. Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) like nicotine gum reduces the symptoms associated with withdrawal and has been shown to increase the chances of success by up to 70% based on a 2012 Cochrane review [1].

That’s not to say quitting smoking cold turkey doesn’t work, but medications do increase your chance of success. If you do chose to quit cold turkey, it’s important to be mentally prepared to deal with the symptoms of withdrawal. Select a quit date and stick with it, tell others about your plans, and know that the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal are temporary and will pass with time! The more prepared you are beforehand the better your chances of quitting.

Alternatives to Cold Turkey – Gradual Reduction

Gradual reduction (also called the cut down to quit method) is an alternative to cold turkey. This involves reducing the number of cigarettes smoked prior to quitting. Some smokers cut their cigarettes all the way down to 0 or to a lower level of 3 to 4 a day before fully quitting. While cutting back, smokers can also use medication or e-cigarettes to support their attempt. Research shows that there is no difference between quitting cold turkey or gradual reduction [2]. We recommend using an app like Quitbit or our smart cigarette lighter to support your gradual reduction so you can stay on pace to quit!

Everyone’s path to quitting is going to be different. As always, we recommend smokers to choose the method that they feel would work best for them. If cold turkey didn’t work last time, this time try cutting back a few and taking some Nicorette gum or puffs of an e-cig while doing so. There is no magic bullet, so stay strong!


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3 thoughts on “Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey

  1. Quitting a bad habit cold turkey is really hard, but quitting cigarettes cold turkey must be incredibly difficult. I know nicotine withdrawal can be a painful process, so enduring that is an act of strong will. While quitting cold turkey might not work for everyone, some people find it easier to do than gradually letting go of bad habits. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Look for other positive changes. Taste and smell improves rapidly after quitting. These new senses help to illustrate how much smoking has taken away from enjoying life. With this new sense of smell, the offensive odor of smoking can also easily be detected. Smelling cigarette smoke as a non-smoker is one powerful reason to quit.

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