Quitbit has moved to China!

Quitbit has moved to China (at least for a few months)!  We’ve escaped the cold New England weather to join the fourth cohort of HAXLR8R, a premier hardware-only startup accelerator, which has pumped out amazing companies like Spark, Melon, Nomiku and Kindara. 

We’re located in the heart of the electronics market in China’s fourth largest city, Shenzhen.  Many of your electronics are built around here including iPhones.  When we walk out the door of our office, we’re just a couple blocks away from a real-life Amazon + digikey.  It’s crazy. 

Over the next few months, we’ll be working on refining the product, finding suppliers, and building relationships with factories.  Money doesn’t go nearly as far as you would expect here, but we’ve been blown away by how safe and clean the city is.  

We look forward to keeping you guys posted and sharing daily life in Shenzhen with everyone!

Back to work,

Ata & Kuji from Quitbit 


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