Quitbit Android App Device Compatibility

Hi Everyone – We have recently released our v1.0 of Quitbit’s Android app. We’re excited that so many of you have started using it with your Quitbit lighters.

At the same time we’re hearing some feedback from users that the Android apps Bluetooth isn’t working with some phone models. Bluetooth on Android is a tricky system to get right, since each different device’s manufacturer has different firmware that communicates to the Android base API.

As of right now, the Quitbit App should work on all phones running Android 4.4.2 and above (API Level 19) which are Bluetooth 4.0 (Low Energy) compatible. However, we’ve only personally validated the following devices:

– Moto G3

– Samsung Galaxy S4

– Samsung Galaxy S5

– Samsung Galaxy S6
– Nexus 5
– One Plus One
– LG F60
– Sony Xperia Z3
 Phones we’re experience issues on:
– HTC one mini2


If your devices isn’t listed here, but bluetooth is functioning properly please drop us a line at support@quitbitlighter.com or comment below so we can get listed.
If your Bluetooth isn’t functioning properly please get in touch at support@quitbitlighter.com. We’re working to get maximum coverage on the most popular Android devices and will be continuing to push new updates to the Play store.


Team Quitbit

2 thoughts on “Quitbit Android App Device Compatibility

  1. I use Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and A5.

    Both phones are working at the beginning. But, after while like a couple of days later, both phone shows “Ligher is connected” but they are not showing current smorking data. And never provide current smorking data again.

    I have been tried one phone connection each time at least more than 20 times. Now it makes me stress and smorking more…

    I dod Fotget thing, and Find New things so many times. even delete program and reinstalled it so many times.

    Please Help!!

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