The Great American Smokeout – 5 ways to reduce your smoking!

Today is the American Lung Association’s Great American Smokeout, where smokers are urged to quit at least for the day.  It’s a great way to raise awareness about the commitment it takes to quit smoking.  We know that quitting smoking is hard, but here are some tricks that we’ve used to help curb our cravings.

  1. Chewing cinnamon toothpicks – These are delicious and freshen your breath.  Sometimes it’s less about the smoking and more about the oral fixation.  One of our favorite tactics is to chew on a strong cinnamon toothpick instead of smoking a cigarette.  Find them on Amazon @
  2. Exercising – Working out releases natural endorphins that make you feel good.  Also when you’re working out you’re definitely less inclined to smoke.  We’ve personally committed to a workout later in the day to lower the desire to smoke beforehand.
  3. Healthy Snacking – Similar to the toothpick tricking eating can release some of the need for oral fixation.   You have to be careful to only snack on healthy foods though.
  4. Wait 5 minutes – Next time you’re having a craving, just wait 5 minutes and you might just forget about it. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of distraction and the craving might pass.
  5. E-Cigarettes – They take a little getting used to, but these are surely much healthier than cigarettes.  Although, the scientific word is still out on whether they are completely safe.  Consider using an E-Cigarette to substitute some of those times you really need to smoke.

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Hello world!

Hey everyone,

This is Quitbit’s first post in what’s soon to be an exciting ride as we start to scale.  We’re a group of engineers who are creating the worlds first lighter to help people quit smoking!  We’ve just been accelerated by Betaspring and are looking forward to taking the next steps to help people kick the habit.

That’s all for now and tune in to follow us on our path!

-Ata & Kuji 

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