Last stretch of Haxlr8r

BIG NEWS!  We got our final lighter housings and parts in from our prototypers. 
Polished Aluminum Housing
It’s quite a surreal experience to actually hold in your hand what was once merely an idea, a figment of your imagination. From conceptualization to design, to iterations of that design and now this — seeing our product alive is rewarding in and of itself. Tangibility is credibility, and with anything in the creative process, the closer you can get your idea to becoming tangible so other people can use or understand it is crucial to having your idea accepted. 
As an entrepreneur, it’s not your job to love your idea. That’s for your users to decide. Your job is to help them understand what it is and what it does, and how it will improve their lives — whether in the form of a physical product, a software app, or whatever.
Other updates: I’ve gone to NYC to shoot our Kickstarter video while Kuji wraps up the program in Shenzhen. Most people underestimate the amount of preparation and planning going into creating not just an effective video, but a campaign altogether. 
Shooting at an awesome motorcycle garage in Brooklyn
On another note, it’s nice to finally be stateside after 3 months of grinding in China, and fighting the Great Chinese Internet Firewall. 
We now have a few days left in which we’ll finish our kickstarter video and polish things up for demo day…

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