Founder Quit Journey

Today is the first day in my journey to quit.  I started smoking socially in college, then over the years started finding myself craving a cigarette when stressed.  That slowly transitioned to smoking by myself and into become a full blown smoker.  The idea behind Qutibit started as a response to my own desire to quit smoking months ago.  I have a strong commitment to quit at this point and been “eating our own dog food” so to speak.  Over the last few months, while deep diving into the smoking cessation space, I’ve become hyper-aware of the dangers of smoking and have decided that enough is enough.  I’m going to be personally using our Smart Lighter to quit and will be sharing my progress and data throughout the process.  Although I’m excited, I’m also a little nervous at the thought of stopping smoking.  It’s almost like I’m about to lose an old friend.

For the first phase, I’ve started using our device to track my smoking and gather a baseline reading of my smoking.  I’m smoking just like I normally do, so far nothing feels different.  Using our device though has been making me conscious of how often I smoke though, which is a great first step in quitting. 

Tune in to learn more.


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