2 Days Until I Quit Smoking

It’s now two days before I give up smoking for good.  I’ve been using our device to track my smoking and help me reduce throughout the process.   Even though I’m a light smoker, it’s been easier than I thought it would be to follow the program.  I found that sometimes I didn’t want to smoke when it was “time”, so I would either just skip the cigarette or find a sometime later for me to smoke.  The key for me was to know how many cigarettes I was budgeted to smoke a day, and how many I had left.  Another important feature was to know how long it was before my last cigarette, because I used that data as a motivating force to keep pushing myself to hold out longer.

Sometimes I would have a craving to smoke a cigarette when I was over budget, or when it wasn’t time yet.  I got through the cravings by either smoking a few drags off an e-cig or just keeping busy with something else.  The only real hiccup was the New Year party I went to, which triggered a huge spike in smoking (smoking is a social event after all).  But, I was able to pull through and shortly afterwards my rates returned to normal.

The beauty of using the Quitbit was that I didn’t have to worry about recording every time I was smoking by pulling out my phone.  All the information I needed was self-enclosed in my device and it really made it dead simple for me follow my reduction plan. 

I’m really looking forward to being smoke-free and to continue sharing Quitbit’s journey with everyone!



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