1 Week Into Quitting

It’s been close to one week since I started using our lighter to help myself quit smoking.  I’ve attached my smoking data below.  On average I’m smoking 4 cigarettes a day, but I suspect some of this terribly cold weather we’ve been having in New England had something to do with the low rates. 

It’s really surprising to visualize how much I’ve been smoking.  I consider myself a light smoker, but even over these 5 days when I added all my cigarettes, it cost me over $10!  For heavy or a pack day smokers, Quitbit is going to show how much money they have saved when reducing to keep them motivated.

The first step to change is to measure, and this is a great first step for me to begin my reduction plan.  We’ve programmed the device to help me reduce my smoking over a 21 day period with a baseline of 5 (to adjust for the low smoking rates).  I’ll be checking in with my thoughts as I progress through the process.




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